Our Mission

Our Mission - My Advertising Pays News

Millionaires and billionaires have been created in the last couple decades due to the explosion of Internet-based technology. Particularly in online advertising. But it has mostly been a handful of people who have profited. The developers and CEO’s have become incredibly wealthy while the users of these technologies have simply stayed consumers and users.

Over the last year, My Advertising Pays LLC. Founder and CEO Mike Deese has worked tirelessly with mathematicians, top-level programmers, marketing consultants and engineers to name a few, to dissect the current advertising models in the marketplace and put together a unique model which would be

  1. Self sustainable,
  2. Simple to use,
  3. Soundly secure, and
  4. Put the user first .

The Vision and model of MyAdvertisingPays.com is revolutionary and profound; Pay the user first. Give them the income flow they desire and the business model will build upon itself, which have the hallmarks of an up and coming multi-million dollar company, providing a secure and reliable source of income for its users, for generations to come.

Our Mission is to become a one-stop shop, that takes care of our members. Provide them with valuable products, excellent services, long-lasting income, and the tools necessary to help them create multiple streams of income from one place, MyAdvertisingPays.com.

Mission Priorities

  • Help users build their streams of income over a lifetime, not months.
  • Create and deliver high quality products that are effective and have value.
  • Ensure our customers are satisfied with our services and consistently improve according to feedback.
  • Maintain and consistently improve upon our system, a system which does not depend on new sign-ups to maintain payouts, and therefore reward members based on participation, not their join date.