My Advertising Pays News - App Launch


We are proud to announce the release of our first new product for 2016 after the launch of MAP 2.0! Our subscription based MAP App will help you recruit new partners to your team via the KERCHING sound it will make when you receive a profit-share commission, also by notifying you when you receive a referral commission and new referrals! Imagine this in a social setting when someone will most certainly ask “Whats that sound?”. You will then be able to, at the touch of a button, show them your dashboard details by clicking the MAP logo on your phone!

You will also no longer have to deal with those pesky Google captcha’s on the Traffic Exchange because the app will give three digit codes to allow you to surf seamlessly. Just open the app and type in the three digit code on your computer and you’re off!

Download the App…

The app has been released on Android, we hope to have the Apple version ready within a couple months.

To download the app, using your phone log into MAP, click on ‘Promotion Center’ on the left hand side followed by ‘Mobile App’.

This is a BETA version. We have created a new category on the support desk for App Bugs. If any of you have any issues with the App, please submit your support ticket to this category and we will have our IT team work on those straight away.

We are very excited about this new product and we hope you enjoy!




We are also proud to announce that we are coming out of Beta status on MAP 2.0! We have rid the site of bugs for the most part and she is purring with little issue.

A stylized red stamp that shows the term beta testing. All on white background.

Now we are moving our focus to new product launches like the MAP Apple App,, (corporate advertising site), MAP forum, and many more!


Advertiser Update

We are rocking and rolling through 2016 with absolutely amazing analytics! With almost 150 MILLION pageviews per month, you are no doubt able to sell all sorts of products by using our advertising services. If you want your product to be seen, you would have to be out of your mind to not advertise it here! Here are the latest stats;


The advertising opportunities are tremendous with these sorts of stats backing up the products. Stay tuned for our next product release coming soon!

VX First Purchases

VX have now changed the way they operate with first purchases. Instead of new members having to send in documentation and have it approved, now they can simply just register at VX and make one purchase before having to send in their documents to get verified. This should help weekend sales and get your teams started faster.

Third Anniversary

Tickets for our Third Anniversary will go on sale soon through our own booking site! We are extremely excited about this event where you will see MAP elites from all around the world and yours truly Mike Deese on stage. The particulars are still being worked out but we will be announcing soon where you can get your tickets. Thanks for sticking with us over the years. We are thrilled that MAP has achieved such success and its all because of you. So THANK YOU!

Have a productive week!


Mike Deese
CEO, MyAdvertisingPays