Corporate Meetings & The Future Of MAP

Don't be afraid to move forward, the future is bright!


MAP Executives have just returned from high-level meetings in Chicago, Illinois. Although we no longer operate our business in the USA, there are still many very influential people in the money centers of the world like Chicago. Securing new relationships with these people around the world helps ensure MAP is here to stay, and this last week proved to be more productive than we ever imagined!


Public Relations

We are stoked about our upcoming campaign with our new PR partners. We had an in-depth meeting with them and are amazed at their approach to marketing and branding. With PR, its always a somewhat risky operation because the results are hard to measure and only after the money has been spent with whatever firm you use, will you know if it was worth it. That’s why the interview process and background research are key in reducing risk. This was one of the key missions we went to Chicago with and all the boxes were checked :). We can’t wait for this operation to commence!

Its imperative for MAP, as a genuine advertising platform, to be recognized as such. This is one of the talking points with this new firm and they totally get it. For us to be successful in the marketplace and attract the likes of the companies with millions in their advertising budgets, we must have a crisp and clean image. This started with MAP 2.0 and will be enhanced with this new firm.

We will take proactive steps in ensuring that the MAP name is not labeled some ‘get-rich-quick’ scheme, which we are not, and are instead viewed as a powerful advertising solution with cost-effective, result-driven products that out-perform and out-deliver our competitors hands down. I have always been VERY passionate about our products and this is the key to our success going forward.

We will sign on with these guys and have them produce a couple projects for us and then determine the next steps. If it works out, we will be having them re-invent our marketing material, presentations, capture pages and the like. Its really exciting stuff and will be beginning soon!


New Products

MAP APP for Android and Apple

Very exciting stuff here! We recently surveyed our membership as to which type of mobile phone they used. Here are the results of that survey;

Answer Text Percentage
iPhone 32.61%
Android 52.33%
Other 15.06%

Therefore, we are VERY excited to announce that we are currently in final testing for the Android version of the MAP app! This app will change the way you market! If you are an affiliate and are not good at selling, this app will help you do just that thanks to us sharing our worldwide profits with all of you! Allow me to explain;
Imagine being in a social environment and every 20 minutes your phone lets out a CHA-CHING sound! Eventually, someone will ask just what is that noise! You will be able to show them at the click of a button what the fuss is all about and your selling is done for you! Not only that but if you are not a fan of the Google Captcha system on the Login and Traffic Exchange pages, a simple numerical code system included in the app will allow you to surf our exchange seamlessly.

For you iPhone users, fret not. It’s a bit more complicated to create apps on their operating system due to red-tape and programming differences as I am sure some of you know. Once any bugs have been flushed out of the Android version, we will turn our attention to the Apple version. Pricing will be released soon. It will be a monthly subscription service which can be paid directly from your account balance :).


QUICK MAP TIP! –  See those survey results above? They should give you a clue as to what to advertise on our site if you are in the business of technology! This leads us into an exciting new upcoming product below;


We are currently working on introducing a platform from which you members can actually survey our membership! This will help you in determining which products and/or services that are best to advertise with us which is sure to increase your return on investment! Imagine if you could survey Google’s database! This product will revolutionize the way you advertise throughout our growing network!


Our very own MAP Forum is almost ready! We have given our IT team a massive load to carry and they are outperforming our expectations! As stated before we hope that this forum will help bring about an era of inspiring future MAP leaders across the globe and also giving our potential customers confidence in joining our cause!

Corporate Advertising Site

This project is about 5 weeks away yet or possibly a little longer. We want to ensure functionality is unparalleled and the stats suite is everything an advertiser would need to evaluate their ads. This will be a stand-alone site where anyone anywhere, member or not can purchase advertising on our network which will bring in external €. Automated contracts will be there for long-term advertisers at significantly decreased costs. However this will be an external purchase and is geared towards those that are not an affiliate of MAP but just want to put their products in front of our members. Structuring is still underway so stay tuned for more details!

Yet another stand-alone site, we aim to attract website owners that want to monetize their adspace. With this platform, any website owner can come and register their site free-of-charge with MAPublisher, set their adzones, set their own prices for the adspace, and then other advertisers from around the world can come and browse the listed websites and have their ads displayed on sites around the world! This project will be quite an undertaking but we are up to the task. Stay tuned for more info on this exciting new advertising platform!

Many more products and services coming this year!


We also got to meet in person our team of attorneys looking out for the corporate interests of MAP and her upcoming sister sites. Their knowledge and expertise was phenomenal! They showed us the financial district and the best Chicago had to offer. MAP Corporate was extremely impressed with their attention to detail and just how much they cared about MAP’s success.

We discussed many things including our ongoing fight against those that seek to destroy the MAP name for no good reason at all, and many other ventures we plan to embark upon that will further secure MAP’s future, like investments of our Reserve Fund so we can grow the pot, and many more exciting niches that we can tap into with our highly targeted traffic. We shook the hands of billionaires and many more influential millionaires that want to see MyAdvertisingPays make history in the online advertising market. We are in good hands indeed! We plan to make this trip more often so as to ensure the continued expansion of the MAP network of sites.


Folks, if you have never read the Mission and Vision statement of MAP, please take time to do so now. They can be found at the top of this blog. The Vision I had when creating MAP is just now coming to fruition. We still have a few mountains to climb. Things may not always be as smooth as we like but know this, I will stop at nothing to ensure that we accomplish every single thing we set out to. No one knows the future for sure, but what I do know is that I and the team I have surrounded myself with are dedicated to this Vision and with the support of you Loyal MAPPERS, we will forge ahead into this uncharted territory unafraid, undeterred, and un-apologetically, because no matter what some may say about us, we really do want nothing but success for MAP and her Loyal membership.


National Australia Event 

My main man, the first MAPPER ever Jets Fifita asked me to make sure all of you are aware of the very first ever National Event in Sydney Australia! Jets and his team have been working extremely hard to put on an event that wont soon be forgotten in this beautiful city! Jets recently spent some time with yours truly in America and actually stayed at my home for a couple weeks. This man truly has one of the best hearts of any individual I have ever had the pleasure of being around and wants nothing but success for his fellow MAPPERS. So I can assure you, he has held nothing back to ensure that this event will be one to remember. Get your tickets now! Click here

Honesty – Integrity – Humanity

Do your due-diligence. Look back over our almost 3 year history and you will see time after time we have kept our word when many called the end. We have overcome some extremely difficult obstacles, negativity and technical challenges. I will be the first to tell all of you, the future is NEVER guaranteed, profit share is NEVER guaranteed, our success as a company is NEVER guaranteed. I challenge you to find another company that says the same truth. Honesty and transparency is key. I will always stand up for you and I will also do my best to surround myself with professionals that will do the same. As a famous quote goes and one that I live by – “If you find that you are the smartest person in the room, you are a fool, or you’re in the wrong room!” Haha, I actually added my own twist to that quote but it stands true!

Have a great week everyone! More updates will follow in the coming weeks!


Mike Deese
CEO, MyAdvertisingPays