Withdrawals and Academy

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We want to sincerely thank everyone for their patience whilst we transitioned over to the Euro and got those funds in place so we could turn on Euro withdrawals. As 30 days have passed since the first Euro Credit Packs were purchased, available funds are now being withdrawn successfully!

MAP Academy

One of the topics discussed among many during our week long Leaders meeting here in the US recently was the MAP Academy. I was listening to some of the benefits and difficulties raised with our global business presentation as it relates to its delivery to different countries along with some of the restrictions put in place by the Academy and how this is affecting some regional leaders.

We created the Academy along with some German MAP Leaders initially for a sole purpose – Compliance. We wanted to ensure everyone was following a strict set of guidelines when promoting the MAP business opportunity and also to educate everyone on what MAP truly is about – Advertising.

The Academy has put in a huge amount of effort into building a fantastic presentation and training program that would be exactly the same in any country across the world. This was thought to be a great idea until we have witnessed different reactions from many different cultures. Also it seems that the Regional and National Leaders status we have given some people is causing some animosity among others with very qualified skill sets being denied the ability to run a meeting in their circle of influence which is a vital ingredient for continued expansion of our business.

The training given at the Academy in Germany came highly praised. It is not our intention to strip away their ability to conduct leadership training events. They will have an equal say in how things progress, but it will be for their country only. The Leaders of the Academy have started to build a great training platform for our future growth and we will continue meetings with these leaders as we define the continued training program and its new direction.

So effective immediately;

  1. The titles of National and Regional Leaders are being changed to MAP Team Leaders.
  2. MAP Team Leaders do not control a certain area although we would ask that two nearby Team Leaders coordinate with one another so as to not compete and instead work with each other.
  3. The corporate team will engage with one leader for each country in a regular meeting to discuss any country or global issues for our business. These meeting will be conducted in a professional and structured manner to benefit the company and all its members without prejudice or discrimination and any changes needed will be done with a diplomatic input and vote from all these country leaders.

We now have a new V2.0 presentation in several languages that can be used by any competent presenter Until our new global leadership structure is finalized.

We believe strongly in promoting leadership and hope that the Academy will provide the vehicle to ensure that MAP and her loyal members continue on a path to success and prosperity. We have a lot of work to do, and we intend on getting it done!

Thanks everyone and enjoy the weekend!