Leadership Meetings – MAP 2.0 Updates!



I have one word for last weeks Leadership Meetings – WOW! For those of you unaware, last week the corporate team and some well recognized and respected MAP leaders met in the US with myself. The week was full of masterminding and fellowship, right down to a personal level. We had some fun and got TONS accomplished. I have to say that it gave me a huge boost knowing that our business is lead by these great people. Here are a couple of photos of the group;




There was a buzz of excitement all week during our meetings. You could feel the camaraderie amongst the group of us. We were all in alignment that MAP 2.0 is a vehicle that we can now use to promote MAP to a higher level and start to compete with the big boys. These and other leaders of MAP understand where we are headed and know how to get everyone there that is willing to listen and follow their direction. More on this later in this article…first lets get to site updates;


As mentioned in the last update, 100% of our Euro funds are held for a period of time before being released to us. Sales didn’t really start happening in MAP 2.0 until the second week after launch due to technical errors. I said from the beginning that these funds are held initially for varying periods of time. Once we start seeing these Euro funds being released, there should be no interruption in payouts thereafter. We met with VX on Tuesday of this week and they said that we should see the first release of our Euro funds on or about the 16th of May. So hopefully in around 6 business days we can turn on Euro withdrawals. Again, this waiting period is a one-off deal. Once funds start flowing there should be no interruptions.

There have been some questions regarding US withdrawals. As mentioned in the last update, only those that have over 1000 US Credit Packs are allowed to withdraw at this time. Once your Credit Pack level drops below 1000 US Credit Packs then you must use the remainder of your USD to purchase a Euro Credit Pack or other MAP product. The reason for this is because we are transitioning from $ to € and this process includes us exchanging these funds at the same horrible rate we have had to impose on all of you. Once you purchase Euro packs this will all be behind us and it will be business as usual. Keep Calm and MAP on!

Technical Issues

MAP 2.0 is now settling down. I know there are still a few bugs but on the main we are trucking along nicely. We have answered over 600,000 support tickets since launch 4 weeks ago! UNBELIEVABLE work our staff has done! I am so proud of our entire staff and management team. Some people tend to believe that since most of MyAdvertisingPays is automated it must be an easy thing to run…HA! Understatement!! Our teams put in hours upon hours of work to ensure that the Company stays afloat, in often very treacherous waters. But we are always up to the challenge and do the best we can given our resources. Thank you all for your support and patience as we sorted accounts and fixed bugs.

More On Our Leadership Meetings

In my view, you never really know someone until you have a chance to sit with them, shake their hand and look them in the eye. I got this chance with each of the leaders you see above and I was humbled by each of these individuals humbleness, genuineness and understanding of this business. Without a doubt these folks have this company and her loyal memberships best interest at heart. I am thrilled to have gotten this opportunity for us professionals to get to know each other on a personal level as well as on a business level. It was a very enlightening experience. I appreciate each and everyone of them for their tireless efforts and loyalty to MAP and her membership. I look forward to many more meetings with them both here and abroad.

It so happened that while these leaders were arriving last Friday, we had our best sales day ever in the history of MAP! And just yesterday, Thursday the 5th, we had another fantastic day that has become the new best sales day ever! Things are looking fantastic on the backend.

New Products

Exciting times lie ahead! We are now ready for our first project of this year for MAP 2.0. First we are creating an official forum for our members! This will lead to productive conversation and the exchanging of ideas among one another. It will also bring about its own advertising opportunities along with increasing our presence online in the marketplace.. It will bring about a more social aspect to MAP outside of regular social media and we hope it will inspire the next generation of MAP leaders!

Next we are working on a MAP widget for smart phones! This widget will allow you to view activity in your account at a glance! Things like account balance (updated in real time), referral activity and more! Imagine using this tool while out in a social environment! It will definitely help spread the word about the wonderful services we offer here.

We are also going to be creating a Corporate site where folks in the corporate world can create advertising accounts and purchase ad space on MAP with automated contracts and payments up front for discounted rates. This will provide any online entity with AMAZING value to put their product or service in front of our buying membership, further strengthening our financial outlook.

Soon we’ll be starting on the framework of MyAdvertisingPublisher. We are very excited about this! Website owners from around the world can come here to list their site and sell ad space for profit, effectively monetizing space that may have otherwise went untapped. Look at Google Adwords and similar type businesses…this is where billions of dollars flow from business owner to business owner across the globe, trading money for traffic! We intend to cast our net and capture a piece of this growing market.

Public Relations

We will soon be launching a public relations campaign. Our industry is misunderstood on the main, wrecked by many other scams and the like. We intend to set the record straight as it relates to who we are and what we are truly about. As I said earlier, you never really know someone and their true intentions, in my view, until you sit with them and shake their hand and look them in the eye. There is an extremely small but very loud group of people that aims to absolutely wreck the efforts and dreams of ordinary people. They have their day coming, sooner rather than later. These folks are the most hateful people I have ever seen. Some of the things they say are so ludicrous that it really makes me wonder how they are able to put one foot in front of the other. It takes all kinds to make the world go round, but we wont stand for these people constantly trying to wreck the hopes and dreams of everyday folk. Stay tuned for more on this front.

Site Analytics/Stats

We’ve just identified an error in our placement of the analaytics coding. We will update everyone on the site traffic and such next month once it catches up.


Keep calm and MAP on! Euro withdrawals will be on before you know it, and for those of you that are worried you will then know that once again, MyAdvertisingPays has kept its word. Its really hard to find honesty in this industry, but we strive to ensure we do our very best always, because after all, without our loyal MAPPERS, there is no MAP.

Get to the next event. Watch our Social Media sites for dates. If you don’t believe in the power of these events, go to just one and I promise that your mind will be forever changed!

If there are any changes to what has been announced above, we will let everyone know. Please enjoy your weekend!



Mike Deese
CEO, MyAdvertisingPays.com