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Website Update

Well, as you are all aware we have some issues to correct! Our IT team is literally working 7 days a week and upwards of 14 or more hours per day. This is the value in having a dedicated IT team. Believe us we WILL get through these errors and tidbits in the near future. They have already corrected many issues and will continue until there are no more. Thank you all for your patience! IT will continue to update everyone as they make progress.

We are increasing our server capacity by 25% to handle further traffic and concurrent users on the site. This upgrade should be complete by 2nd of May. For you tech folks out there, we are adding new extremely high specification Dell PowerEdge R720xd clusters. So in about 12 working days and the site speed at least should be getting much better.

US withdrawals will hopefully be turned on Monday. We are still running some tests and need to make sure all balances are correct before turning this on. Euro withdrawals will be turned on as soon as our funds start being released from the bank reserves which we anticipate to be 5 weeks from the launch of the 2.0 platform (roughly 3 weeks from now). There are differing time frames that each bank holds our funds before releasing them. For educational purposes, you can use the time lines below as a guide. This is for Euro payments only, USD payments take much much longer to clear which is why its faster to get your money by exchanging your USD to Euro by purchasing Credit Packs with your USD, even with the 30 day waiting period.

Euro Pending MAP/VX Balance Includes:
  • the 10% reserve which isn’t released until about 7 months after the sale,
  • any additional reserves that are withheld by the acquiring bank or processor
  • and the 90% of sales that the processor holds back for a period.  This can vary between 3 to 7 weeks.

So as you can see, 100% of our funds are held for a brief period. Once these funds start clearing, the Euro withdrawals will be turned on.


Benefits of MAP 2.0 And Why Its A Better Vehicle For You And Your Business

  • The increase in monthly membership fees are going up to increase the Companies profitability, which creates stability. Remember, the more profitable MAP is, the more profitable your business becomes!
  • The move to the Euro currency will make everyone more money also adding more security and ease of money flows, along with faster payouts and reduced fees.
  • Withdrawals in euros to banks is much faster. In many cases 24 hours instead of 3 to 5 days in MAP 1.0. When withdrawing in euros = Zero banking fees! Its also much easier to move Euro’s around the world. Since USD is basically considered the Worlds currency, acts like terrorism around the world and money laundering really make it very difficult to move large amounts of it.
  • Since we are dealing exclusively in Euro, the debit card is coming and will be another option to withdraw earnings and/or fund your MAP business. Once your earnings are withdrawn onto your debit card they can then be spent like any other debit card and used to withdraw cash from any ATM Machine worldwide!
  • The 30 day holding period is standard practice and inline with many successful and longstanding direct sales companies in case of chargebacks and is standard policy in huge growth companies, all designed to help the stability and security of MAP and the members. Its worth noting that MAP has one of the lowest Income to Chargeback ratios in the world!
  • The reduction in maximum credit packs will help many more members reach the maximum credit packs sooner increasing the sales force motivation and making it easier to max the credit packs. If you want more earnings then go to work and increase your advertising sales.
  • The new slick and modern web site will attract more advertisers and affiliates, all which all helps the company and members make even more money than before, securing all of our long-term futures!

All these new benefits and upgrades are to help take MyAdvertisingPays and her Loyal Membership into a new dimension of online advertising and sharing of profits to increase longevity, efficacy, stability and security. Embrace the changes with positivity and go out there with confidence that MyAdvertisingPays is here to stay for the LONGTERM securing all our futures and legacy.

Positive Attitude

Legal Update

April 14, 2016

Case No.         1:16-cv-04081
Our File No.    L-16-00551

For Immediate Release

As our team has promised in the past, we endeavor to consistently bring you updates on the ongoing progress of our fight against (hereinafter “TaraTalks”) and all others like her.

This year marks a great step forward in this fights progress as our case against TaraTalks was filed in the Northern District of Illinois and is currently in the process of moving through the intricacies that make up litigation in the United States. It is sad to say, that even though a federal law suit has been filed against it, TaraTalks continues to sling hapless and defamatory dialogue through the blogosphere; simultaneously spouting unenlightened rhetoric and uninformed analysis.

Naturally, a major hurdle for our legal team has been uncovering the identity of those behind the TaraTalks mob. It has become quite apparent that establishing the proper jurisdiction for suit, when progressing forward in litigation against those that hide behind the anonymity of a blog or website, can slow the proverbial wheels of justice. In light of this hurdle, our legal team has elected to move our fight, temporarily, to a State court venue in order to establish sound jurisdiction.

In Illinois, the locus of the case at this time, venue may be established – in the case of an action where Defendants are unknown or non-residents – in any county within Illinois[1].

 Additionally, it is important to note that venue, in state courts is not a matter of jurisdiction, but relates solely to the location where the suit may be filed. Therefore, a Defendant may waive improper or unknown venue. Any objection to venue is waived if not made within the time required to answer[2].

Secondly, sufficient and specific jurisdiction must be established within the confines of Illinois. Thankfully, as it has been in Illinois for almost 20 years, personal jurisdiction may be imposed by way of the “minimum contacts” test that the Supreme Court fashioned in International Shoe Co. v. State of Washington[3]. As a direct result of this ruling, the Illinois long-arm statute, and its progresses, brings a non-resident defendant under Illinois personal jurisdiction based on a sliding scale specifically designed to address cases involving business conducted over the internet. Under this sliding scale test, a party may subject itself to personal jurisdiction in Illinois simply by operating an interactive website that reaches resident consumers.

Naturally, the State courts appear to provide a much better playing surface upon which our case, and its merits, can properly take flight. One question that may come up is: “When you uncover the identity of those behind TaraTalks, will you return to the federal court?” This answer is not apparent just yet. The answer to this question greatly depends on where those involved in this abhorrent site are located within the United States or world.

Finally, and as it might be expected, those in the judge’s seat rarely see the same humor in hiding behind a website blog that TaraTalks apparently does. Furthermore, I trust that any individual or corporation victimized and defamed by a faceless thug believe, as we do, that those who hide and throw stones only do so in order to bring suffering to individuals they are unable to stand up and face.

As always, it is our mission here at MAP to stand up, face our detractors, and protect our loyal customers. We invite those of you that wish to ask questions regarding the above case to please do so as our legal team is standing by to answer those questions posed and protect your ability and freedom to enjoy our wonderful products and offerings here at Hit the Contact Us button above for Legal Questions only.

[1] 735 ILCS 5/2-101

[2] 735 ILCS 5/2-104(b)

[3] 326 U.S. 310

We are rocking and rolling. In no time this transition will be complete and all these worries will be a thing of the past. We have always pulled through rough times and came out shining on the other end. This time will be no different! Please continue to be patient with our staff and pay close attention to any IT updates. Share this post with your teams!

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Thank you!

Mike Deese
CEO, MyAdvertisingPays