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We have been hard-at-it building our next edition of the rapidly expanding MAP network, MAP 2.0! Monday November 30th we’ve hired our third employee on the MAP 2.0 IT team (not pictured below)! We now have an IT Manager, Project Leader and the new IT professional working under the upper management. Our small IT office of four stations is almost full! Here are just a few pictures of the lads and office. You will notice my favorite quote of all time on the back wall of the first picture :);

Executive Secretary, IT Supervisor, Project Manager


Project Manager

Project Manager - My Advertising Pays News
My Advertising Pays News

We are very careful how we spend our funds and will only expand as needed.  Currently outfitted for four full time programmers complete with four top-of-the-line computers with three screens a piece, webcams for constant monitoring, security system, meeting space with speakers in the ceiling and a TV on the wall for Skype meetings, we have everything we need right now to get MAP 2.0 off the ground. This is a two story building with office/meeting space both above and below with room for 10 or more employees so this office will suffice for at least a few years while we continue to expand our operations.  Folks you truly are on the GROUND FLOOR of this exciting opportunity!

This new office and the IT professionals working there means the END of dealing with other companies that have their own customer bases running the IT side of our company. This team will be responsible for MAP and MAP only and will allow us to use the most up-to-date and technologically advanced software’s and techniques used today so that our site is the most advanced and robust in marketplace! Although the expected launch date is currently in May, 2016, I am going to do whatever I can to get this new platform launched by end of March, 2015. That is my target, but targets often change so stay tuned to get the latest news and developments!


We are making great progress. Many modules of the new site have been built already and with each completion, the expected launch date decreases because we have a STELLAR team! Our project manager even built a bot that creates lots of different items of the site on almost auto-pilot! He specializes in Artificial Intelligence and those talents are extremely useful when building a site as dynamic as MAP!

Right now, its pure basics that we are working on. Its a rather large job to build a ‘MAP’! Once the new layout and graphic designs are worked on, we will definitely be sharing that with you. This will be done in pieces so expect a little bite at a time so-to-speak.


Please make sure you start using your Available Advertising Funds and let any new member of your personal team know that you MUST use these funds by the launch of MAP 2.0 or you will lose them. No adfunds will be transferred to the new site. This must be CLEARLY communicated with your teams so there are no surprises and our support desk is not bombarded with queries regarding this.

Advertiser Update!

My Advertising Pays News internet traffic

Our site is now being viewed right at 100 MILLION times per month and this number continues to rise very quickly!

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My Advertising Pays News Analytics

With almost 20 minutes per session, a .23% bounce rate and this much traffic, you are more likely to sell your products on our site and our advertising products become more and more valuable with each passing day!

VX Processing Update

Some very exciting news has just been passed along to us. VX have been in negotiations with another credit card processor that will not use 3DS. What is 3DS?

“3D Secure is led by the credit card schemes and is designed to make online shopping transactions safer by authenticating a cardholder’s identity at the time of purchase, through the likes of Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode.”

What this means in short; we are getting loads of FAILED transactions even though the member has money in the bank. In our business, we have ways of monitoring fraudulent transactions through other means, so YOUR affiliate sales are being severely degraded by this unnecessary security measure. Often, affiliates with plenty of credit will still receive a FAIL at checkout. Well, these days are about to be a thing of the past! We suspect sales overall will increase by 25% initially and by early next year, sales could DOUBLE! This means more commissions for those of you out there working hard to build your businesses!

PLEASE NOTE – This negotiation/approval is NOT final. It is in the final stages of approval and we have a few steps to take yet before implementing this, but we are hopeful it will be before the end of December (if all goes well with negotiations) :).


Sophie Booth – Promoted to Support Team Leader!

Zoe Booth – Promoted to Assistant Support Team Leader!

Margariet – Given a raise and now has access to MAP’s admin back office!

We have brought on more support staff in the last couple of weeks to help prepare us for the move to MAP 2.0 and ensure we are taking care of our customers as quickly as possible.

I want to give a special Thank You to Sophie, Zoe, and Margariet for their tireless efforts and amazing work ethics. The hours these folks spend on our support desk are truly unreal. We never ask this of them, they are simply dedicated to MAP’s success so please give them a THANK YOU and congratulations when you pass them by!


My Advertising Pays News Happy Birthday

December 13th, 2015 will be our second year anniversary. There is a big event in Germany and as I am told it is completely SOLD OUT! 1200 seats are filled!   For entertainment they have Magicians, Live music and other entertainers that will surly keep the atmosphere electric! You will be surrounded by great leadership from all around the world.  Specifically, 500 leaders from 22 countries will be in attendance! The Germans have done an excellent job bringing the MAP opportunity to thousands of fellow Germans. They know how to put on an event so for those of you going there, I am sure you will have a grand experience and learn invaluable information that will help you and your business have an edge over the others.

With our second year anniversary on the horizon, MAP 2.0 being developed as we speak and all the excitement in the air, 2016 is shaping up to be one eventful and extremely exciting year! Our Vision and Mission has never been more clear and all of our futures are in our own hands! To refresh your memory, here is our Vision Statement;

“At My Advertising Pays, we like to dream big. When Mark Zuckerberg co-created Facebook in his Harvard dorm room back in 2004, we imagine he had no idea how big it would be today. However, we dare to dream. We believe My Advertising Pays will make history, because never before has an Internet company been built to benefit its members before its founders. We know if we put our members first, one day we will spread our brand all across the Internet. Just like Facebook, Google, Instagram and YouTube, we plan to cast a large net and slowly create a paradigm shift that tips the balance of power to the users and not just the founders. We wish to shift the economics of the Internet making the days of the overpaid executive a thing of the past. My Advertising Pays pays its members first, because we know our members are the key to growing as big as we dare to dream. We invite you to dream with us, join My Advertising Pays now!”

To those in Germany, Hallo und viel Erfolg ! Thank you all for reading this update!
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Mike Deese
CEO & Founder