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We have a MAJOR announcement to make! We have been hard at work behind the scenes setting up the future of MyAdvertisingPays. With our Executive Team, I have spent the last couple of months working very closely with many of our current partners and future, potential partners. Recently, we’ve had big strategy meetings and have taken MASSIVE action since then. MAP will be a different kind of Advertising Beast (we estimate) by the end of the first quarter/beginning of second quarter of 2016 . Here’s a few things you can expect (some of these items are subject to change as some are simply in the ‘idea’ stage). Transparency is important to us so we’ve listed the good and bad below.

MAP 2.0!

The Good

  • Better Advertising and statistics on your ads complete with Analytics and Line Graphs!
  • Lower bank fees!
  • Debit Cards for earnings. Buy your groceries with MAP commissions!
  • Away with the Dollar and in with the Euro! Yep, MAP is switching currency. All products and earnings will be sold/earned in Euro € (which means no more conversion fees at the bank)!
  • External Advertising and External Revenue (Publishers Listing Service)! You will be able to purchase advertising on external websites through the MAP platform, and have your advertisements seen worldwide! Make money by listing your website with us!
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising! Only pay for real action taken on your Ad!
  • Retargeting Online Advertising Products!
    • What is Retargeting?
      Behavioral retargeting (also known as behavioral remarketing, or simply, retargeting) is a form of online targeted advertising by which online advertising is targeted to consumers based on their previous Internet actions, in situations where these actions did not result in a sale or conversion.
  • Increased commissions on corporate products! We will be creating an adverting sales force to go out and show businesses how they can benefit from using our services. These corporate products will potentially pull in millions in external revenue for our loyal members!
  • Loyalty Points System!
  • A completely new, innovative, modernized and robust website built from the ground up with new designs and advertising products!
  • Compliance training and promotional guidelines. With the upcoming MAP Academy, all of the training resources and guidelines needed on how to promote our business will be available at the click of a button!
  • Academy & Corporate approved National & Regional Leaders with standardized MAP presentations!
  • Volume-based affiliate commission percentage! The more you sell, the more you earn!
  • Free Members will be allowed to earn on up to a certain number of Credit Packs!
  • And last, but certainly not least, our very own in-house programming team devoted to MAP only. Currently, we are under contract from a firm that has other customers. Over the last couple of weeks, our amazing brand new, latest and greatest computers and hardware have arrived and been set up, our office space leased with motivational messages plastered on the walls throughout, an IT Manager hired, a new programming specialist being interviewed and vetted (with more hires to come), and the framework of MAP 2.0 being constructed as we speak! Coming soon, we will have a whole team of dedicated programmers, designers and specialists that will be answerable to MAP and only MAP! With this new team, once MAP 2.0 and all of her new products are launched and off the ground, we will be offering website building services to our members to further increase our external revenue streams, which strengthens MAP’s bottom line! Yep, one day in the near future, you can have MAP build your websites, capture pages, lead generation systems and much much more!

The Bad (?)

  • Advertising Funds will not be in MAP 2.0. Once we transfer all current members to MAP 2.0, the new accounts will not have Advertising Funds. You must use what you have or you will lose it when our new website launches, which is estimated to be 6 months or so from now. Our current banner system is overloaded with ads. Doing away with the Advertising Fund is going to drastically increase the impressions on your ads and while providing MUCH better value on your purchase(s).
  • Current product codes will not be transferred because the new advertising system will be completely different. So you must use or lose them by the time the transfer to the new site happens. You have quite some time to do so.
  • Membership fees will not be refunded. If your membership fee is due just before we get ready to launch the new platform, we suggest just letting your account sit idle until the transfer is complete if you are worried about losing the Membership fee. Totally your call.
  • Anyone with a certain credit pack level (number yet to be determined), will have a small monthly account maintenance fee (similar to Membership Levels). We will ensure that this is charged only to those with sufficient account levels so that it doesn’t really affect your balance.

The goal is to always ensure we are making the best decisions for the Company, so that the members will continue getting paid for a lifetime, based on quality products and services.

Oh yea! MAP is here to stay and we are ramping up our efforts so that we will be able to withstand our ENORMOUS growth! With all of your support, MAP 1.0 has served us well. We now have the opportunity to capitalize on our success and charge forward into new advertising categories and really differentiate ourselves from anyone else online today. We have a lot of work to do, but the future is definitely bright with MAP 2.0!


United States Market Decline and Subsequent MAP Corporate Decision

We have battled with this decision. After careful consideration and extensive consultation with our Legal Team, MAP Executives, Tax Advisors, Financial Advisors and European MAP Leaders, we have unfortunately decided to completely pull out of the American marketplace.


The decision comes on the heels of a declining marketplace in the US for our company. It simply isn’t profitable for us to remain engaged there. Over 90% of our business already comes from Europe, while we are catering to the US members by operating in US currency. It doesn’t make good business sense to continue operating in a place and expending valuable resources in a market that’s steadily declining. We are going to focus on the place where we are wanted and are making huge strides. This is strictly a business decision we’ve had to make based on the numbers.

How’s this going to work and what does it mean for you?

If you are an American Citizen;

  • As of now, all current American members’ MAP profiles are read-only, meaning you can’t change your profile to another country. If you legitimately have citizenship in another country, can legally operate from it, and can prove it, you will need to contact our support department and provide this proof before we will change anything in your profile for you. Please submit a support ticket with the subject line “Legal Change of Address” and include in the ticket your Legal ID from a country other than the US. All ID’s will be vetted to ensure legitimacy.
  • Current US members can no longer purchase credit packs.
  • If you are an American member, even though Profit-Share earnings are not guaranteed, your currently held credit packs will be paid off completely over an extended time-frame. The extension will be due to the loss in profit we will obviously have from the American market. Being ethical here is very important to us so we wanted to ensure our American members were still paid.
  • The America profit-share system is now separated from the International profit-share system. The US-PS system will pay out profits according to advertising purchased by American participants. It is practically impossible for us to determine how long it’s going to take for all of your current credit packs to be completely fulfilled, but we suspect it will take around 6 months or longer. Please do not construe this as a promise by us as it completely depends on advertising sold to Americans.
  • Any American member that has made a purchase through a payment processor within the last 30 days can ask for a 100% refund and we will process those for you, so there is no need to dispute the charge with your credit card issuing bank. Please submit a support ticket with the subject line – “US Refund” and we will process them ASAP.
  • Any American member with referrals will still earn referral commissions from those referrals purchases uninterrupted, according to your Membership Level.


We are offering a lump sum payout to anyone that has already earned more than they have paid to us. This offer extends to ONLY those that can pass the following test;

Total your IPAYOUT+STP+VX purchases. If that number is LESS than the “Total Earned” number found on your My Credit Pack Stats page ( ), then you will qualify for a lump sum payment. Please do not count purchases made with your MyAcct.

October 30th, 2015 will be the last day you can request a lump sum payment. After that date, your credit packs will earn until fulfilled.

Lump sum payments will come from the US Reserve Fund and the offer will be less than the total payout for your existing credit packs (check your dashboard for your specific payout amount). You do not have to accept this payment and can opt to earn the total amount of your Credit Packs over an extended period of time. The Adfund will not be a consideration in the lump sum payout amount.

If you are an International Member;

  • Absolutely nothing will change for you! You will earn profits based on International sales, which are tremendous!
  • The International Reserve Fund will be untouched for US payouts.

Even though I really hate to pull out of the US, I have absolutely no doubts that this move is going to prove to be one of the best business decisions we’ve ever made. The Euro is a strong and stable currency and we will be able to put 100% of our efforts and resources in the marketplace which is BOOMING right now. Month over month, our international revenue has beat the month prior since October 2014, with the exception of one month, while our US revenue has steadily declined.

Here is a letter drafted by a Senior Partner of our Legal Team explaining this move in an official capacity;

Jonathan D. Herpy Sr.


360 West Butterfield Road | Suite 325 | Elmhurst, IL 60126

Hart & David LLP |

T 630.395.9496 | F 630.395.9451

October 14, 2015


MyAdvertisingPays.Com Client/Affiliate

201 Rogers Office Building
Edwin Wallace Rey Drive

George Hill, Anguilla

Re: | United States Business Operations

Dear Clients & Affiliates:

We appreciate the hard work and effort you have demonstrated by participating in the MyAdvertisingPays (“MAP”) business and want to inform you of upcoming changes to the MAP corporate structure. Based on recent financial analysis, MAP has determined that it is no longer profitable to continue business operations in the United States.

Unfortunately, the global economy has forced MAP to pursue other opportunities in foreign markets that simply are not available in America. For these reasons, MAP has elected to cease operations in the United States and focus its business efforts overseas.

As of October 14, 2015, MAP will be exercising their rights reserved in the Affiliate Agreement ( see Affiliate Agreement by clicking on the Legal link in your MAP back office), under Section 2. Expiration, Renewal and Termination, which states as follows:

MyAdvertisingPays reserves the right to terminate all Affiliate Agreements upon 30 days notice, if the Company elects to: (1) Cease business operations; (2) Dissolve as a business entity or (3) Terminate distribution of its services via direct selling channels.

Also on October 14, 2015, MAP will no longer permit U.S. registrations for new clients and affiliates and will alter the profit-sharing system for existing MAP affiliates based in the United States. During the winding down process, the time in which it takes for a member’s credit pack to be completely fulfilled will be extended from the average three (3) months to approximately six (6) months, or longer, depending on the U.S. advertisement sales.

We understand and appreciate the great deal of work, time, and money you have exercised in order to build up your MAP “team” and, therefore, as a current MAP participant based in the United States, you will continue collecting referral commissions even after the credit packs are paid off. However, your participation in the profit sharing system will be terminated.

Additionally, a United States member whose Total Earned from Profit-Share commissions is more than Total Payments to MAP for Credit Packs (from a payment processor) will be offered a one-time lump sum payment to settle their outstanding account. The account settlement will be completed in two (2) monthly payments and will conclude profit-share commissions to your account. You will continue to earn referral commissions. To exercise this option, please sign and notarize the attached contract indicating that you accept the terms and conditions contained therein and agree that the amount indicated reflects complete payment and satisfaction for any amounts due to you from By signing the Contract, you will be barred from any subsequent recovery or objection as to the amount to be paid from your MAP account.

On a different note, it has come to our attention that there exist multiple internet-based avenues being used for defamatory and libelous speech against MAP. Through our research, we have found many, if not all, of these claims to be without merit and simply an attempt by certain individuals to exploit the MAP name in order to heighten the popularity of their own product. MAP has served demand letters upon those individuals who engage in defamatory and slanderous rhetoric, and in anticipation of litigation, has prepared complaints against all such individuals. MAP would like to emphasize and reassure you that their decision to cease operations in the United States is in no way connected to the aforementioned defamation and libel claims.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding your standing with or how the business change will affect you, please contact our office and we will be happy to answer any question you may have.

Very truly yours,

Jonathan D. Herpy Sr.
General Counsel
MyAdvertisingPays (MAP) Limited


Copyright © 2015 Hart & David LLP. All rights reserved

We wish things were different for our US affiliates and sincerely wish you the best in the future.

MAP Academy Life Coaches

Humanity, Integrity, Loyalty

Our German Leadership have been working hard behind the scenes making our business presentations standardized and compliant. As we have had tremendous growth, it’s very important that we tighten up on the way MAP is promoted to the world so that everyone gets the same information no matter where you are. One of these steps is training our National and Regional Leaders on a standardized presentation and putting in mandatory guidelines for our members to follow when promoting MAP. These procedures are well underway and will be rolled out in phases.

If you are currently holding MAP hotel meetings and the like, then for now you can continue. But we will be phasing out individual meetings and moving towards appointing these events to National and Regional Leaders as they become trained. Once there is a Regional Leader appointed to a specific region in your country, only that person can hold Official MAP meetings and all others will be forbidden . We will be releasing these appointed Leaders and their respective areas as they are assigned.

Get Involved!

We are now accepting applications for life coaches! Please do not send in an application for National or Regional leader at this time. That will follow soon.

All applications will go through two approval/denial stages. First through our Academy Team lead by Alex Vitocco, Rainer Barton, Andreas Zenker, Daniel Schafer, and then through MAP Corporate. We will look into your history with MAP (6 month minimum required), your upline and downline (promotion history) along with many other factors. We hope by the end of first quarter of 2016, MAP Academy will be in full swing!

Alex has a message he would like to share with everyone. It’s in both English and German.


Dear Mappers all around the world, as you may have heard already we 4 Germans (Andreas Zenker, Rainer Barton, Daniel Schäfer and myself) have been with Mike Deese and got the order to organize the MAP world on this site.

As Life Coach of Passion it is an honor for me to be personally announced as the head of the new worldwide MAP Academy.

Just last week I had a call with Mike regarding our start and this is my first call. We are working hard behind the scenes to get the MAP Academy rolling and now we are at the point where you guys are coming in.

We set up a worldwide training concept online and offline. As I know we have very good trainers and coaches in MAP and we surely want to use this knowledge internally. We’ll set up task forces in different fields. For now we need to gather all potential we have in MAP.

I herewith would like to ask everybody who is a trainer, coach or has an extraordinary reputation and who wants to work with and for the MAP Academy as a Life Coach, get back to me via email only;

Send an email to

Afterwards you’ll get an application form to fill out and send back.

**You must have a minimum of 6 months history in MAP to be considered.**

I look forward to your replies.


Alexander Vitocco



Liebe Mapper in der ganzen Welt, wie ihr wahrscheinlich bereits mitbekommen habt, sind wir vier (Andreas Zenker, Rainer Barton, Daniel Schäfer und ich) bei Mike Deese gewesen und haben von ihm den Auftrag erhalten, die MAP Welt auf dieser Seite hier, außerhalb des Systems, zu organisieren.

Als Life Coach aus Leidenschaft ist eine besondere Ehre für mich, persönlich von Mike zum Kopf der neuen weltweiten MAP Academy ernannt zu sein.

Gerade letzte Woche hatte ich ein intensives Gespräch mit Mike bezüglich dem Start und dies hier ist mein erster öffentlicher Aufruf.

Wir arbeiten hinterm Vorhang bereits intensiv an den Vorbereitungen, um die MAP Academy ins Rollen zu bekommen und jetzt ist der Punkt gekommen, wo IHR mit ins Spiel kommt.

Wir bauen ein weltweit einheitliches Trainingskonzept auf, online und offline. Wie ich weiß, gibt es sehr gute Trainer und Coaches bei MAP und natürlich wollen wir dieses Know-How intern nutzen.

Wir werden Arbeitsgruppen in verschiedenen Bereichen aufsetzen. Bis dahin sammeln wir alles Potential, das wir in MAP diesbezüglich haben.

Hiermit lade ich jeden, der Trainer oder Coach ist bzw. eine außergewöhnliche Reputation hat und der gern mit und für die MAP Academy als Life Coach arbeiten möchte, ein, mir ein Email

zu schreiben.Bitte sendet ein Email an:

Im Anschluss erhaltet ihr ein Bewerbungsformular, welches ihr mir dann bitte ausgefüllt zurücksendet.

Ich freue mich auf eure Rückmeldungen.

Herzlichen Dank


Alexander Vitocco


Advertisers Update

Our website is ON FIRE! When I logged into Google Analytics just now to publish this report, this is the message I received!

So we now must pay for Google’s Analytics services! Folks, some may cringe at this fact, but I am absolutely stoked because this is what advertisers pay for!

If you sell anything online and you are not advertising with us, you are really missing out on sales! Just look at our latest Analytics;

Ninety two MILLION pageviews in the last 30 days! Wow wow wow!

A study done in 2013 found that on average, visitors to websites ranked in the top 10,000 only stayed on their site for 70 seconds and had a bounce rate of 9.4%. Compare that to our analytics of 21 minutes on site and a small 1.31% bounce rate, amazing! That’s why MyAdvertisingPays is a tremendously valuable piece of advertising real estate! Take a look;


Here’s our Analytics since we installed the code back in Feb. 2014;

Our website is approximately 169 million hits short of 1 BILLION pageviews ! Now that’s just staggering statistics! We are only two months away at most before we hit 1 billion pageviews.

Financial Position

Our finances have never looked better. Since October 2014, we’ve been experiencing absolutely phenomenal growth! Here is a graphical representation of our revenue since we’ve been using VX Gateway as our primary payment processor;

Folks MAP is ROCKIN and ROLLIN and our organization is growing by leaps and bounds! With MAP 2.0, our own in-house IT Team and MAP Academy in the pipeline, we are taking our business to a whole new level! New partnerships are being forged and new opportunities are on the horizon. These ideas have always been part of the MAP business plan, but it took the support of all of you to get us here, so THANK YOU!

Strong measures are being taken to ensure the longevity of MAP and her loyal members. Yesterday, October 14, 2015 was our BEST sales day since launch and we continue to break records month-over-month! For those that don’t believe us, just watch and you will see. MyAdvertisingPays is here to stay!

Mike Deese
CEO and Founder
Tomorrows Advertising Today!