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My Advertising Pays - Server Problems


I am so proud to share the exciting news and officially declare that our site is now 100% operational and is FLYING with speed! I want to thank everyone for their patience during this period. It took a lot of man-hours and very smart IT professionals to locate, eliminate, and ultimately solve our server problems.

Almost every page of our site is like an engine, its dynamic. Meaning, it changes almost every time it’s loaded. And it’s different for every member in MAP. As such, the amount of data processing is huge. If a web page is the same every time you view it, then it will load with speed. If it changes every time you load it, then it has to retrieve that updated data from our databases and with thousands upon thousands of members trying to see the updated data, our servers must be properly configured and have enough processing power to complete literally thousands of ‘updates’ per SECOND. And it’s actually much more complicated than that! I asked one of our techs to write something in layman’s terms so that everyone could understand it. Here is his reply;


As you are aware of the recent issues we have had on MAP, we believe it is only fair to update you on exactly what we did to rectify the situation.

MAP receives a huge amount of traffic to its website, averaging at 1 million every day, over the past week we have seen a massive increase in this by over 150% exceeding 2.5 million hits every day!

As you can imagine this has had a massive impact on our infrastructure and servers. We started off by upgrading our servers, this didn’t cause a dent in the influx of traffic. We followed on by adding a further 2 servers to our farm, this eased the issue slightly but the traffic was still hitting hard.

Our final stroke was to double the network line capacity coming into the facility, this was applied last night. Use this analogy to understand the network line upgrade – previously we had a 2 lane carriageway (network line) carrying too many cars (traffic) causing traffic jams, we have now doubled this to a 4 way carriageway. This along with many different changes in configurations ultimately solved the problem.

For anyone that had doubts about the legitimacy of our claims that this was a technical error, may you now see that we always ultimately follow through with flying colors. Many times in MAP’s two year history there have been growing pains. And each time, we have come out of it a stronger more capable company because of it. None of us like it, but we always survive it and appreciate the lessons learned during such times. Every day is a learning process for many of us. I have never claimed to know it all, and will seek assistance when I don’t know how to do something. We all need each other to survive, and that’s what MAP is all about! We are a growing community of like-minded individuals seeking to succeed in business to make a better life for ourselves and loved ones. And MAP will always seek to provide excellent products, grow its network, and make success as easily achievable as possible.

Here are our latest statistics from our Analytics for the last 30 days;

Recent Analytics

MAP is on FIRE! These statistics make us a very very valuable piece of advertising real estate! Place your ad with us, and it will be seen by MILLIONS! We will keep solidifying our position in the marketplace with ever growing innovative products and solutions for the masses.

Again, I thank you for your patience and for your loyal membership. We will be catching up on support tickets now and all withdrawals requests are up-to-date :).

Please, enjoy the rest of your week!