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Hello everyone!

MyAdvertisingPays is on FIRE! Here are our latest analytics for the last 30 days!


Over 59 MILLION pageviews! That’s almost 2 million per day, 82,000 per hour or 1,365 per minute! And our average session time is up to almost 15 minutes! That’s HUGE! Germany and the UK keeps toping the list of biggest referring countries to MAP. The whole of Europe are doing a fantastic job of spreading the word and for that, we solute you!

Advertising is about numbers. X number of eyes times a % = sales. What I mean by that is if you have enough eyes looking at your ad, a certain percentage of them are going to take action. The percentage obviously varies depending on the offer, but the formula stands true. That’s why email list building is so important for online business success. The larger your list, the more sales you make! So creating a capture page instead of sending a prospect straight to the sales page is very important. Because they may not want to purchase ‘this’ product, but very well may want to purchase the ‘next’ one! Without an email address, they may not ever hear about your ‘next’ offer.

MAP is moving into a so-called ‘phase two’ of our existence. This phase includes bringing advertising services to non-members and also to websites outside the MAP network. We are in the planning stages of introducing advertising products that are displayed outside of MAP, and also giving website owners a way to capitalize on our ever-growing membership base and their own followership by giving them a way to sell ad-space on their own sites, through MAP!

All current members will be noticing a new log-in survey soon on  MAP. This new feature will ask you one question when you login. We create the question based on product ideas, interest in advertisers products, etc. while the results are compiled in our back office. This is HUGE! There are a number of advantages with this;

  • Members help decide our future
  • We get a site-wide opinion from all of our members
  • We can solicit corporate advertisers with real data on our members’ likes, interests, habit’s, etc.

This is invaluable data! The survey tool is being built right now and should be available next week sometime. In the beginning, the heads of MAP will use it exclusively to help determine our direction with product development. But soon after, we will open this service for data collection for corporate-level advertisers. Who wouldn’t want to have their ad displayed MILLIONS of times monthly?!? That’s what MAP now has to offer!

We wouldn’t be here without the continued support of our loyal membership. We thank you and appreciate your trust. MyAdvertisingPays is moving in the direction of success, for everyone!

CEO & Founder
It PAYS to be on the MAP!