Jackpot Wheel Crashes Site!

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Hello everyone!

Wow! What a time we’ve had over the last week or so. Right after we launched the Jackpot Wheel, our site became extremely sluggish and eventually crashed our severs! We had more people online actively clicking links than ever before! So to say the Wheel is a hit is an understatement!


CONGRATULATIONS to our very first ever Jackpot Winner! MAP username Myfadi won a Massive $638 on 3/9/15!!! The Jackpot can hit at anytime so make sure you keep trying!

We realized that we had to upgrade our servers yet again once the Wheel game launched and we had quite a bit of trouble in the beginning for reasons related to lack of needed hardware by our hosting service, but its finally done and everything is good to go in terms of speed. The site is fast once again and everything is working without lag.

We are still in Beta testing for the Wheel game and everything is operating smoothly overall, though we are admittedly working on a few bugs in the system :). We are attending to any new issues as they arise and will be making some improvements along the way as we become more confident in its ability to handle the load you all are putting it under! Fantastic addition to our ever growing platform! We have some VERY exciting changes and additions coming soon for both advertisers and spinners alike…stay tuned!

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